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This wiki is already an awesome resource, and we have plans to make it even better. Those of us who carry out this work are all volunteers, and we welcome anyone else who is willing to help. Some of the contributions we need are detailed below, along with other opportunities to help us improve this site.

Help we need[edit]

MediaWiki expertise[edit]

Do you have experience with MediaWiki sites that we could call on as required?

Checking and updating research links[edit]

We currently need volunteers to help improve the experience of visitors to our Research page by checking citations that currently only have an abstract link, to see whether free full texts of these papers have become available since their abstracts were listed and, if they have, to add the full text links to the page.

This work is needed because some publishers only release an abstract when they first publish a paper, embargoing the full text copy for many months. This practice means that we have to go back over our list of studies periodically and check the availability of full text versions where these are not currently included in our list.

How to get involved in this project is explained in the Full text links section of our Helminthic Therapy Wiki Volunteer Forum, where you can also ask any questions and get help with the task.

Other opportunities to help[edit]

Whether you can offer practical help, you have suggestions for development, you'd like to tell us about anomalies you've found on the site, or there is some other matter you'd like to raise with us, please get in touch using one of the following methods.

Making contact[edit]

Join our Helminthic Therapy Wiki Volunteer Forum[edit]

Here, you will be able to introduce yourself, explain your interests and how you'd like to help, and also find out more about what needs to be done currently.

Email us[edit]

Our email address is: info$ (change $ to @).

Post comments, suggestions and offers of help to a group[edit]

Registering as a wiki editor[edit]

To participate in editing the material in this wiki, you need a login username and password. Please email us your preferred username and contact email, telling us about your interest in helminthic therapy and why you would like to become an editor of this wiki. If it is clear that your interest is genuine and that you are not a spammer, we will create an account for you.

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