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File:Youcanhelp.jpg The wiki is an awesome resource, but it takes an incredible amount of time. Everyone that works on the wiki is a volunteer.

Join us, and help out!

click the links for the different tasks that you could help with. If you were willing to take on part or all of any of these jobs please post a note to us in the Facebook or MeWe group pages.


If you are researching HT for possible help with an issue, you could help us keep the links current.

Someone to help improve the experience of visitors to the wiki’s Research page by checking citations that currently only have an abstract link, to see whether free full texts of these papers have become available since their abstracts were listed and, if they have, to add the full text links to the page.

Some publishers only release an abstract initially, and embargo the full text copy for many months. This practice means that we have to go back over our list of studies periodically to check the availability of full text versions.

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