Helminthic therapy and neuropsychiatric function

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All four species of therapeutic helminth appear to be capable of improving neuropsychiatric function.

Reduced depression / improved mood[edit]

HDC is mentioned a lot in this context, and William Parker’s team at Duke University are proposing to test its effect on depression.

Since HDC is taken regularly, usually every 2 weeks, its users can benefit from a repeated post-inoculation 'bounce’, which is a brief period of temporary symptom relief accompanied by a sudden feeling of unusual wellness, perhaps with a strong sense of calm, focus, happiness and lightheartedness.

I like how it puts me in a good mood for a day or two when I first take it.
I also experienced a significantly elevated mood that night after taking just 10 HDC, the elevated mood lasted until the end of the next day. [1]

For some people, this effect may be repeated after every dose.

... every dose of HDC's is followed by a delightful stream of energy that lasts almost a week. [2]
Within 24 hours of taking HDC I feel much calmer. That feeling lasts a few days, before it lets up a bit, but I still continue feeling calmer than usual up to 30 days after dosing, when their effects completely wear off… If I could regularly dose, say, weekly, I probably would see my anxiety completely resolved. [3]

In other cases, this effect may reduce over time.

The first day I take HDC it usually puts me in a really nice mood, especially the first time I did it. It's not exactly euphoric but I noticed it and counted on it… First time, (it lasted) 48 hours. Second time, 24 hours. Third time, 12 hours. Fourth time, 12 hours.

However, this effect on neuropsychiatric function is not unique to HDC, and is also seen with TSO and NA.

My mood was the first indicator that TSO was working. I became calmer and happier despite my physical symptoms. [4]
My daughter started TSO last week and we are already seeing an improvement in her mood and energy on a low dose of 500 ova. [5]

The following comment was made 6 weeks after inoculation with 25 hookworm larvae.

What is already interesting is my steady and calm mind.

For further accounts of how helminthic therapy has reduced depression - mostly from users of NA - see the following page section.

Temporarily increased depression[edit]

Occasionally, depression may increase temporarily following initial inoculation with helminths, but this is often dose-related.

After first small group of NA, I became much more depressed for about 10-12 weeks, then got back to previous mood level. [6]

Reduced anxiety[edit]

The potential for helminths to reduce anxiety can be seen in the reports in the following page section.

Temporarily increased anxiety[edit]

There have been a few reports of anxiety increasing temporarily following the initial inoculation with NA, TTO and HDC. This can be dose-related.

I think it aggravated the anxiety component for me. Not sure why. (After dosing with HDC)
I had mild/moderate diffuse anxiety for about a week at ~19-20 weeks. (After a supplementary dose of 65 NA.)
My anxiety and more-so paranoia seems to have increased significantly after hosting. Its a strange feeling but I "feel" like its the worms interacting with me somehow.
I had a major increase in anxiety when I started whipworm (TT). But with hookworm my anxiety has improved greatly. I terminated the whipworm after 6 or 8 weeks when my reaction to them still hadn't eased, so I can't say if that feeling would have persisted or eventually passed.

If anxiety does arise, or worsen, after introducing helminths, this should eventually resolve along with any other symptoms that appear during the initial side effect period. Resolution is usually complete by the end of the 14 week period of immune activation following inoculation, but it has been known to persist for longer.

Increase in energy and exuberance the first month, restlessness the second month, worsening anxiety/OCD third and 4th month, increased to day-long panic attacks fifth month. Directly due to hookworms as symptoms are 90% improved after 3 days of abendazole.

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