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<font size=6>Helminthic Therapy Wiki</font><br>  
<font size=6>Helminthic Therapy Wiki</font><br>  

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__NoTitle__ Helminthic Therapy Wiki

Documenting the science, management, experience and results of helminth replacement therapy.

If you’re new to helminthic therapy, please begin by reading this document:

This is a concise, yet comprehensive guide to everything you need to know in order to understand and get started with helminthic therapy, including the types of helminth that are used and the companies which provide them. The document’s contents form a foundation to the rest of the material on this website. Reading it carefully, and in full, will help to prevent you wasting money and possibly not getting the best from the therapy, if you decide to try it.

Helminthic therapy success stories[edit]

  • Helminthic Therapy Success Stories.pdf - Thumbnails with links to more than 460 personal accounts of both success and failure using helminthic therapy to treat almost 100 different medical conditions.

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