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We accept short reviews of up to a few paragraphs in length, and an optional 5 star rating . See the contacts page for our email address. We do not disclose full names or location.

See also Helminth providers and Helminthic therapy discussion groups.


Worm Therapy[edit]

★★★★★ Amazing Service
By Robert, 19 Feb 2017
A lot of encouragement and guidance can be required when embarking on worm therapy. Garin (owner) is just amazing with keeping in contact (via email, phone, skype). Top ups were sent whenever needed at no extra cost. I can't speak more highly of the care, attentiveness and expertise I experienced with the clinic. Would recommend Worm Therapy without hesitation. At the time (2010) I was at my witts end with chemical sensitivities and allergies and had tried everything to try and fix my underactive immune system. The hookworms (once established) made an enormous difference.

Biome Restoration Ltd[edit]



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