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For all enquiries and registration requests please email: info$ (change $ to @).

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To participate in editing the material in this wiki, you need a login username and password. Please email us your preferred username and contact email, telling us about your interest in helminthic therapyThe reintroduction to the digestive tract of a controlled number of specially domesticated, mutualistic helminths (intestinal worms) in the form of microscopic eggs or larvae to reconstitute a depleted biome to treat and prevent chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease and other immunological disorders including allergy. and why you would like to become an editor of this wiki. If it is clear that your interest is genuine and that you are not a spammer, we will create an account for you.

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  • Create a new user account (requires admin rights). Enter username, user-email, check the box "Use temporary random password", then click 'Create Account'. The user will be asked to login and choose a new password.

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