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Site name: Helminthic Therapy wiki
MediaWiki version: 1.31.1 (initially 1.28 installed Dec 2015 by Rob)
MW Version and Extensions installed: Special:Version
Pages (containing a link): 102
Pages (total): 388
Uploads (images, PDFs etc): 222
Local time: Sunday 17, Nov 2019 - 22:27
Registered Users: 24, Admins: 3 - see Special:ListUsers

See also Special:Statistics


UI Tips

  • Video via extension EmbedVideo
    • Supports local video extension -- [[File:Example.mp4]], [[File:Example.mp4|start=2|end=6:2]]
    • {{#ev:service|id|dimensions|alignment|description|container|urlargs|autoresize|valignment}} - but only id is required (use empty pipes to reach deeper params |||
      • eg. using key-value pairs {{#evt:service=youtube|id=|alignment=right}}
    • Alternate forms
      • {{#evu:|alignment=right}}
      • <embedvideo service="youtube"></embedvideo>
      • <youtube></youtube>
  • Use "Magic words" to improve the page layout.
    • __NOEDITSECTION__ hides all section edit links on the page.
    • __NOTOC__ hides the table of contents. __TOC__ repositions the TOC. __FORCETOC__ forces a TOC on page with <= 3 headings.
  • Use <nowiki></nowiki> around markup and URLs to suppress wiki text conversion.
  • Use <ref name="name">text/link</ref> to append a cite [1]..[n] and text/link at bottom of page -- Cite Extension Documentation, Cite Help
  • To embed a PDF viewer use <pdf page="2" width="800" height="500px">File:Some File.pdf</pdf> -- Extension:PDFEmbed
  • We use Lingo extension to show a glossary tool tip on text defined in 'Terminology' page.
    • To inhibit a Lingo tooltip use <span class="noglossary"></span> or just <noglossary></noglossary> - Use __NOGLOSSARY__ to inhibit on whole page.
    • Kick off a page update: I added <span class="mw-lingo-tooltip-abbr"></span> around a word to 'get it working' (maybe caching issue?). After that I removed the span tag and Lingo added it in normally.
  • Clearing the browser cache (my stuff won't show)
    • Firefox / Safari: Hold Shift while clicking Reload, or press either Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-R (⌘-R on a Mac)
    • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl-Shift-R (⌘-Shift-R on a Mac)
    • Internet Explorer: Hold Ctrl while clicking Refresh, or press Ctrl-F5
    • Opera: Go to Menu → Settings (Opera → Preferences on a Mac) and then to Privacy & security → Clear browsing data → Cached images and files.
  • Use Template:Columns template to make columns: eg. {{Columns:3}}...{{Columns}}
  • Widget:YouTube plays Youtube videos (installed Extension:Widgets)
  • MediaWiki:Sitenotice is a better page for site notes
  • Added | Extension:AddThis for social buttons under the sidemenu. In LocalSettings.php I disabled the right top buttons.
  • Changed the Project: namespace to $wgMetaNamespace="Wiki". Howevere keep links to project pages as project: as this will take you to the the page no matter what namespace the wiki uses.
  • Installed Extension:MobileFrontend - Puts a 'Mobile view' at end of page.
    • Status: many many files to upload. I don't think all files uploaded because this doesn't work correctly yet.
  • To open normal link in new page tab -- <span class="pops">link</span> to open link in new tab.

Style Guide Notes

  • We follow MediaWiki styles who in turn point to the Wikipedia style guide. See also Wikipedia's Edit Page help.
    • Title case: Page and section titles are in Sentence case (first letter capitalized). eg "Section on self-treatmentMedication or treatment of one's own disease or condition without medical assistance.". Used by existing MediaWiki platform.
      • Nouns & proper nouns follow normal capitalization rules (eg. 'History of the Rolling Stones')
  • Link colors CSS (see also Talk page) -- For our wiki we lighten up both the External and Internal 'visited' links (using MediaWiki:Vector.css)

Special:SpecialPages Used

Site Log: Extensions & LocalSettings.php Changes etc

23/12/2016 - Robert

  • Page Header/Footer Extension "PageNotice". Create global page header and footers.
  • Turn off user skin choice -- $wgAllowUserSkin = false;
  • Added googleAnalytics Extension "googleAnalytics"
    • $wgGoogleAnalyticsAccount = 'UA-89413061-1'; # Our GoogleAnalytics UA number
    • $wgGoogleAnalyticsIgnoreSpecials = array( 'Userlogin', 'Userlogout', 'Preferences', 'ChangePassword', 'OATH'); # Ignore these oages
    • // Use 'noanalytics' permission to exclude specific user groups from web analytics, e.g.
    • $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['noanalytics'] = true;
    • $wgGroupPermissions['bot']['noanalytics'] = true;
  • Added Spam control Extensions "BlockAndNuke"; Special page = "Block and Nuke". Allows mass blocking and deleting of user contributions.
    • Added Spam control Extensions "UserMerge"; Special page = "Merge and delete users". Allows to merge users into single user we call "Spammer"
  • Added some old wiki stuff
    • Only Users can create accounts = $wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] = false; # RWC 14-Mar-2011, Users can no longer create accounts
    • Added Site Icon for new Wiki -- $wgFavicon = "$wgScriptPath/HThelminthic therapy_WIKI.ico";
    • Force external links to open in a new browser tab -- $wgExternalLinkTarget = '_blank';
  • Updated $wgLogo= to new blue worm logo with text
  • Enabled "Cite.php Extension" for <ref></ref> cites -- Pre installed with MediaWiki 1.28 -- Cite Help
  • Installed "Extension:PDFEmbed" for embedded PDF viewer <pdf page="2" width="800" height="500px">File:Some File.pdf</pdf>
  • Installed "Extenstion:Lingo shows a glossary tool tip on text defined in 'Terminology' page
  • Enabled the ParserFunctions for templates -- eg. {{#ifeq:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}|They are eq|not equal}}
  • 28/1/2017 -- Enabled built in Extension:Renameuser using using wfLoadExtension( 'Renameuser' ); Adds new page Special:RenameUser
  • 7/3/2017 -- Enable Extension:WikiEditor which comes with MediaWiki 1.18.
  • 1/8/2018 -- Installed Extension:EmbedVideo to show videos etc
  • 4/9/2017 -- Added Extension:WikiSEO. This allows us to tweak Meta data in the header. Which allows lets us control things like data when posting to Facebook. See also Wiki:SEO.
  • 3/4/2018 -- Added extension Extension:MobileDetect. Allows us to detect Mobile device and load a different Skin in /wiki/LocalSettings.php. Also provides tags to target non-Mobile & Mobile code -- <nomobile> and <mobileonly> tags
  • 3/4/2018 -- Added Mobile friendly skin Skin:WPtouch


  • 2010 - Thanks Paul for starting up & hosting the first helminth wiki. According to ran from around 2010 to 2016.
  • Dec-2016 - Wiki relocated and overhauled using latest MediaWiki platform (same as Wikipedia). New location & domain name:
  • 29-03-2018 - John & Rob migrated site from http to https (secure SSL).

To Do

  • https - Investigate the move to HTTPS (secure) over the default HTTP. This is becoming more an issue as Google Chrome and Firefox etc push to deprecate all tech associated with HTTP. There is no problem using HTTP at the moment except Browsers like Google and Firefox are becoming my aggressive in pushing groups towards adopting HTTPs (threats of lower search rankings; More security warnings etc for HTTP sites).

Transaction Example

See Transclusion help Instructions: This page (text below) is included (aka Transcluded) in other pages using template like notation: {{:Wiki:Notes}}. Which pages include this page?

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