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My provider was Garin from He and his team had fantastic service and reputation giving generously of time and knowledge (via phone/skype/email). I like many came to the therapy very sick (lifetime of MCSMultiple Chemical Sensitivity is a chronic physical illness affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. It involves allergic-type reactions to very low levels of chemicals in everyday products and often also sensitivity to food, medicines, moulds and electromagnetic fields. [ A review of a two-phase population study of multiple chemical sensitivities], ME/CFS and autoimmune misfirings), so this client support was greatly appreciated. The hook worms take a few months to mature and some of us have side effects to deal with (struggling more than usual).  I wouldn't like to try this by myself (unsupported) but some do and seem to get along fine with community support. Other providers I have no experience with.

- Robert (Wiki editor)