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This template wraps the {{#seo}} command that came with the WikiSEO MediaWiki extension.
We tried a global approach by setting #seo in http://helminthictherapywiki.org/wiki/index.php/MediaWiki:Bottom-notice-ns-0
(to set a default image to use when posting to facebook) but this stopped us setting specific SEO settings for each page.

Usage 1 - {{SEO}}
This does nothing except sets a default og:image= for facebook posts to use.
Use {{SEO}} template at top of every page after the {{breadcrumb}} line.

Usage 2 - {{SEO|title=|description=|keywords=|og:image=}}
Better (and same as Usage 1) but fields are ready to fill in as required..
The Usage 1 & 2 effectively writes {{#seo|og:image=http://helminthictherapywiki.org/wiki/images/3/34/HTW_LogoWithText200.jpg}} giving us a default image (logo) when posting to facebook.

Usage 3 - {{SEO|title=Override Title Text|description=Override Description text|keywords=kw1, kw2, kw3, etc|og:image=http://helminthictherapywiki.org/wiki/images/3/34/HTW_LogoWithText200.jpg}}
Set any fields as required to override the page Title/Description/keywords/og:image title and meta data. The Title, Description, Keywords are picked up by search engines.

Title: usually no need to set as the default <title> of the page is enough. But you may want to append extra info.
Description: If not set google will use the first paragraph or in Google search results.
Keywords: Useful to help Google and Bing serarch find the page via alternative or related search terms. Separate search terms with commas.

Default logo used:

Facebook Posts and Images

You can see what Facebook sees and refresh the Facebook data found in your page using these tools.

Information on Meta tags used in the Open Graph Protocol see http://ogp.me/

Site Notes

fb:app_id can be created in the Facebook developer page. For this site our AppID = 213144362551789 https://developers.facebook.com/apps/213144362551789/add/


  • 'og:title' property not set = ignore or set title= property also sets og:title=
  • 'og:description' property not set = ignore or set the description= property which also sets og:description
  • 'fb:app_id' - we set this to our FB app id 213144362551789
  • 'title' sets both the HTML doc title and the facebook og:title (used in Facebook posts)
  • 'description' sets the HTML doc description and the facebook og:description (used in Facebook posts)
  • 'og:image' a URL to an image (used in Facebook posts). Image must be >= 200x200 and < 8MB
  • 'og:url' we set it because we can