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This page is about the use of helminthic therapy to treat the condition known variously as myalgic encephalomyelitis, myalgic encephalitis, ME, M.E., chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS, ME/CFS, chronic fatigue and immune deficiency syndrome (CFIDS), post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS) and systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID).

This page is still being developed, so please call back later to read further details as they emerge.

The anecdotal evidence[edit]

To read reports of both success and failure in using helminthic therapy to help treat ME/CFS and fatigue, see the following page sections.

The scientific evidence[edit]

No clinical trials have been conducted to assess the effect of helminthic therapy on ME/CFS, but a socio-medical study found one individual with "chronic fatigue" who experienced mild side effects from the use of NA, but no benefits, while another individual reported no side effects but benefits which they rated at 9/10. Four other subjects reported that NA provided a 50% success rate with "chronic fatigue syndrome".

Helminths effective against ME/CFS[edit]

Feedback received from people with ME/CFS shows that the human hookworm, NA, is by far the best currently available worm species to use in treating this condition, with the rat tapeworm, HDC, also being of possible benefit. For more on helminth selection, see the following page.

Low-dose TSO may be helpful in providing an initial, graduated exposure to helminths prior to commencing the use of NA. (See Helminth dosing for ME/CFS below.)

Helminth dosing for ME/CFS[edit]

ME/CFS is one of several conditions that require a modified approach to dosing with helminths and it is therefore imperative that everyone with ME/CFS reads the entire Hookworm dosing and response page before commencing this therapy. Someone who failed to do this later reported the following experience.

I decided to start helminth therapy a few months ago for my ME/CFS. I took 3 NA for the first dose and noticed my symptoms worsening slightly. I decided to push through and take another 3 NA (at 12 weeks) for my second dose (even though the side effects from the first dose were still all flaring). This time my ME/CFS became so severe that I had to stop the treatment asap. (I got an anthelmintic drug from my Dr.) It's been weeks and I still haven't fully recovered from it. [1]

Here are some additional recommendations from one ME/CFS patient who has reported that she is now "noticeably improved and life is so much better" since she began hosting hookworms.

Start low and go slow. I had a rocky start which in hindsight may have been better if I'd begun with TSO before moving on to NA. So I suggest you buy 10 bottles of TSO at the start. (Yes, it's expensive but it's worth it!)

My suggestion is to start with part doses taken from a single bottle of 2500 TSO. Each bottle contains 15ml. For the first dose, take 3ml (500 ova). Then take subsequent doses of 6ml, 9ml, 12ml and finally the full dose of 15ml (2500 ova). Allow 2 weeks between each dose and be careful to shake the bottle thoroughly immediately before drawing up a dose.

Continue with full doses (2500 TSO) until you have taken about 7 bottles. Then, before using the last three bottles, inoculate 3NA. Any more than 3 hookworms and you may find the side effects, especially the fatigue, are very hard going.

Don’t stop taking the TSO until at least 4 weeks after starting NA. You will probably have some side effects from the NA and the TSO should help to reduce these. If you do have troublesome side effects, delay the second NA dose until these subside. ME/CFS people can be quite sensitive to HT side effects and I still don't inoculate any more than 3NA at a time. (Edited from three posts: [2] [3] [4].)
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