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Welcome to the Helminthic Therapy wiki

This is the world’s largest information database documenting the science, management, experience and results of helminth replacement, a form of probiotic therapy also known as worm therapy, helminth therapy and helminthic therapy.

Solid scientific evidence shows that millions of years of co-evolution have created a symbiotic relationship between humans and helminths that provides us with essential immune regulation.

All immunocompetent humans need regular exposure to helminths in order to maintain optimal immune function and avoid risk for inflammation-associated disease… access to helminths is a basic human need. [1]

During the early part of the 21st century, four safe helminth species were domesticated and offered commercially so that it's now possible to enjoy the benefits of hosting a few of these important probiotic macroorganisms without the risk of disease.

On this site, we share the extensive research supporting this practice, along with many hundreds of personal stories demonstrating it's effects, and tips to help manage the therapy and optimise its benefits.

This is a collaborative, crowd-sourced site administered by volunteers with no commercial interest in the therapy.


What is helminthic therapy? Is it safe? Does it work? How do I get started? This page contains everything you need to know.

Introduction to helminthic therapy | FAQ


Helminthic therapy is supported by a large and growing body of research.

Helminthic therapy research

Media coverage

Helminthic therapy is often featured in the media.

Helminthic therapy in the media

Effects of Helminthic therapy

Effects on various aspects of health, with notes for special groups.

Effects of Helminth therapy

Using helminths

Includes details about helminth providers, therapy management, helminth care, DIY helminth incubation, stool testing and more.

Using helminths | Human helminth care manual

Personal stories

Hundreds of reports from people who are using helminthic therapy to improve their own health.

Helminthic therapy personal stories

Support groups

Share questions and experience in the online discussion groups.

Helminthic therapy support groups

Visitor Comments
The wiki is incredibly well curated and referenced. The best resource a person undergoing this could hope for. [2]
The Wiki is so good and detailed, and to be honest leaves no questions unanswered. [3]
I got more info through the wiki than I have for months of searching pubmed and other resources. [4]
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