A life saved at the eleventh hour by worms

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In early 2020, one of this wiki’s editors was contacted by someone in the UK who was living with Total Food Intolerance, one of the conditions that our editor had had himself before hosting worms.
The enquirer said that he’d been fighting this illness for 13 years and that none of the doctors he’d seen had any idea what to do with him, but that reading our editor’s story online had given him hope.
After sending the enquirer more information about helminthic therapy, he then disappeared from the radar for nearly two years, until sending our editor the following message.

Can I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and being able to suggest helminth therapy to me? After I messaged you back in Jan 2020, I started taking NA the next month.

I got to my lowest point at the end of last year, when I was only able to eat rice and water - a starvation diet basically - and my days were clearly numbered. I estimated I had around 4 to 6 months left to live, if I was lucky.

Around Xmas 2020/early 2021, the rice began to give me signs my body was starting to disagree with it, but I kept going and upping the NA numbers all the while. By four months ago, I looked emaciated, and I knew at that point that I wouldn't see out this current year.

When I first started this therapy, I had read that taking two helminths can sometimes kick start the immune system modulation, so, with nothing to lose, I ordered 50 HDC on the 24th July. Four days after taking them, my constant sick feeling and pain in my stomach, the itchy ears and the eczema on my face all started to disappear and, for the first time in many years I felt hungry… for two foods - apples and ready-salted crisps! To my utter shock, I found I could eat both of them with no issues, and the last 4 months have been a journey of gaining more food items back.

After 13 years of loosing one food after another and my body never allowing a ‘lost’ food item back into my diet, to finally have foods which I had lost many years ago suddenly allowed back into my diet was a miracle.

I have stood and cried many times with relief and amazement and shouted gratitude for those who are championing a therapy that offers real hope and recovery for a condition the UK National Health Service simply don't have an effective treatment for.

I’m still taking a fortnightly dose of 40 HDC and this works really well for me. I can eat 8 food items again at this point, and I will keep you posted on my continuing recovery.

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