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We use PubMed links for the scientific papers that we list on the Research page. This ensures that these links have longevity, and reduces the need to periodically check and update them.

However, not all publishers release full text copies when papers are first published, often embargoing them for many months after a paper's initial publication.

This means that, from time to time, we need to check the list of research papers in the wiki to identify those that still do not have a link to a full text copy. Then we need to check whether PubMed has added full text links for these papers since we last checked and, if they have, to add these links to our Research list in the wiki.

It is this task that we need someone to undertake.

This would involve working down the list of papers on the Research page, starting with those most recently added, clicking on each link in the list and checking whether the abstract on PubMed includes a link to a full text copy, in which case this will be denoted by a PMCID number in blue, as shown in the following example.

Perspectives of People with Multiple Sclerosis About Helminth Immunotherapy
Sarah J Donkers, Megan C Kirkland, Marc Charabati, Lisa C Osborne
PMID: 32123528  PMCID: PMC7041615  DOI: 10.7224/1537-2073.2019-044
Free PMC article

Clicking on a blue PMCID number will bring up the full text copy, and the URL at the top of the page showing that copy should be added to the link on our Research page, the procedure for which is set out below. This may seem complicated but, once it's been done a couple of times, it become second nature!

1. On the Research page, locate the heading for the year that the paper in question was published, e.g.,

2020  [edit]

2. Click on the word, "edit". This will open a page showing the source code for the list of papers published during 2020, including the target paper, in this case the following one by Donkers, et al.

* 2020 Jan-Feb [ Perspectives of People with Multiple Sclerosis About Helminth Immunotherapy]

The URL for the full text copy can then be added. After inserting two dashes and opening a square bracket, add the URL followed by a single space and the words, "Full text", before closing the square bracket, as shown below.

 -- [ Full text]

(If the page for the abstract of the paper also shows a link for a PDF copy, this can be added after inserting a single space followed by a vertical line and a further single space, and the square bracketed URL for the PDF should be followed by a single space and the initials, "PDF" before closing the bracket.)

3. At the foot of the page that shows the source code for the year's entries, click on "Show preview". This will allow you to check what your edits look like. If everything looks correct, add a summary of what you have done, e.g., "Added a full text link for a listed publication." and click on "Save changes".

4. Find the entry on the Research page that you have just edited and click on the full text link to check that it brings up the correct full text copy for that paper.
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